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The Law Of Attraction Might Not Work!

Yes, you heard that correctly, the law of attraction might not work…for me.  Maybe it’s not working for anyone.  Yeah go ahead and call me a negative thinker.  It’s not what you think at all.  I’m actually very open but there are several holes I see in the law of attraction.  Have you seen the video called “the secret?”   Well, I have.   I actually watched it countless times.  In fact, own my own copy of The Secret.

The Secret

The Secret was a video that was created to introduce the world to The Law of Attraction.  The Law of Attraction

It was created by a woman named Rhonda Byrne back in 2006.  It became a huge overnight success.  It has some amazing people in the video like  Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, and Jack Canfield just to name a few.

I don’t want to get carried away because I want to explain what the law of attraction is and where I see some holes in it.  I’ll go ahead and post the preview for the secret right here though just in case you want to check it out.

Let Me Explain What The Law of Attraction Is!

So I’ll do my best to explain what the law of attraction is but your going to find it has a lot of grey areas.  It’s not completely black and white.   The Law of Attraction is the idea that you can attract anything you want in life simply through your thoughts.  You just put your thoughts out there and through some type of quantum physics, the universe goes “hey this guy just asked for a motorcycle!  Holy crap we better rustle one up quick!”

Or like the Secret For example, if you want a brand new Corvette you just have to believe.  You have to close your eyes and convince yourself you already have the Corvette.  You have to feel the feelings you might feel when your driving it and truly believe that Corvette is yours and the “universe” will “manifest” it for you.  I’m putting quotes around these words because you will hear them commonly used in the Law of Attraction community.

Another example in the movie The Secret is a businessman who says when he goes to a parking lot he envisions that he has a front spot and “the universe” provides him with the exact spot he wants every time.  Every time!  Not sometimes but every time.

My Problem With The Law of Attraction

Ok so I’m a skeptic, but this is a strange theory.  I’m going to give you a reason why the Law of Attraction might seem as though it works and some reasons why I feel there’s no way it works.

The Probability Theory

If your driving around a parking lot looking for a spot it’s a good probability (depending on how long you drive that parking lot) that you’re going to find a front parking spot. If this is the case you might feel like the law of attraction works.   I don’t see that as “The Universe Manifesting it” do you?  Really?  We can chalk that up to coincidence.  I just don’t believe that God or the universe really cares about my parking situation.

I’m Going To Manifest a …

Ok, Let’s take it to another level.  If I want a Corvette and I don’t have a lot of money or even good credit but I go home on a consistent basis and kick back in my easy chair and think “I’m in a beautiful red Corvette.  I’m driving my beautiful red Corvette.  This feels amazing.”  I just don’t really believe that it’s going to suddenly appear.  I don’t believe I’m going to win a contest or suddenly come into some money or a situation change.  I can believe something like this all day long but sometimes It just doesn’t happen.  Let’s be realistic.

Manifesting Food In The Desert

First of all, there are people who are starving in this world.  People who I can only imagine are thinking about food every day.  They taste it in their mind.   Their feeling the feelings in their mind that they would feel if they had an amazing feast before them.  The law of attraction has a sick sense of humor if we’re providing front parking spots for the guy in the Corvette, while the starving people in Africa just starve.  Does the “universe” only look out for the rich?  Are the poor just terrible at manifesting? Honestly, I just don’t get it.

Is There A God? 

Then there’s the question of God.  Since I don’t know you I’m not certain if you believe in God or not.  As I said in my video.  I believe in God.  What’s weird to me is this.  You have people in this movement that believe in God but they ask the universe for what they want?  Is God what they are calling the universe?  Do they believe there are two Gods?  One of them is nicknamed “the universe” and the other one is “God”.   One that manifests stuff for them and one that doesn’t?  Some people don’t believe in God at all but they believe the universe will give them what they ask for?  I’m not sure how to address that.   I don’t really want to go down that rabbit hole but are you seeing where I’m having trouble grasping this?

Why would stars, planets, and Gases Give a Rats Behind What I Have?   And What’s in it for the universe? 

This is where I have a really hard time with the law of attraction.  When these people, the ones who ask the “Universe” for whatever they want…do they really mean the universe?  Are we talking about radioactive clouds, planets, comets, and stardust?  Is that the universe we’re talking about?  Are we really praying to the moon to bring to fruition all our dreams?  This sounds like folklore to me.  Why would the moon care if I’m asking for a new Escalade?  Not only that why would the moon provide it?  I say this with a very open heart to those who believe but  I don’t understand how rational people can believe that the “universe” will “manifest” whatever I ask for.  Can you give me an example of that working in your life?  Have you tried it without talking to the universe?

Here’s What I Do Believe! 

Some of this is sarcasm and some of it I’m actually asking why some people believe what they do.  Here’s what I do believe.

  • I believe in God so I think when we ask God for what we NEED he will provide.  Sometimes he does and sometimes he doesn’t.   And when he does I think God for that, not the universe.
  • I believe the universe is just Gases, planets and rocks and it doesn’t care about my career, what car I drive or where I park it.
  • I believe that there are coincidences.  If I ask for $500 from the universe and I win $500 from a slot machine, there wasn’t some big cosmic plan for it.  It’s just a coincidence.
  • I believe a person can be extremely successful with skill and luck.
  • I believe the power of human will and the mind can take us much further if we believe in our self.
  • I do believe we can achieve big things.  Unfortunate, some of us are smarter than others and some of us were born with more money and we can use it as leverage.
  • I believe everyone has obstacles.
  • I believe that the universe doesn’t manifest a thing.  I think if we work hard and we have faith in ourself we can achieve a lot.
  • I believe if we don’t take action we will not succeed at anything.

So What Is The Law of Attraction To Me? 

I think if we’re being real we can work hard and take massive action we can achieve great things.  When we’re successful and we want to buy a Ferrari we can because the action we’ve taken has produced fruit.  I believe that the law of attraction underneath is saying to focus on what you want and if you are consistent.  If you believe in your self and you give everything you have to the business you want to create it can be very profitable and at that point, you can do whatever you desire because you can afford whatever you desire.  As far as just imagining something and it just appearing, believe what you will and if that happens for you I’m happy for you.  I think the Law of attraction is faith.  Having faith that the action you take will produce the desired result.  It’s not magic..