Evernote – Killer Organizing Tool For Notes and It’s Free

Evernote – Killer Organizing Tool For Notes and It’s Free

What Is Evernote?

Evernote was created with one idea in mind.  To organize your note taking.  Even though it was created for that it has the capability to get you organized in a variety of ways.  For one, you can create a note with multiple formats of media including Text, audio notes, full webpages, webpage snippets, and images.

I don’t know about you but as I’m trying to build websites, pay bills, keep track of both my personal schedule and business schedule it can be chaotic at times.  That’s why I was turned on to Evernote.  It gives me the capability to track all those things in separate folders.  I can tag them all with personal or business based tags and come right back to them at any time by creating a shortcut.

I use Evernote to do several things, let me give you an example.

  • I use it to make my grocery list.
  • To brainstorm and keep track of important aspects of my websites I’m designing.
  • I keep track of what webinars I’m attending or are coming up.
  • I also track information products I’ve purchased by grabbing an image capture of the sales page and making a few notes about when I purchased and where I can go to download it or log in.

Evernote Features

– Stores multiple formats of notes (ex: Text, Webpage, Web page snippets, photos, voice memos, PDF’s)
– You can organize notes by category or tag
– Sync’s under multiple platforms (ex: mobile, desktop, web)
– Works with Google Chrome plugin


– the search function doesn’t always find all my notes.
– Only allows one layer of subcategory.


-keep all your notes on all platforms and sync
-keep everything organized
-tag everything
-you can start for free
-multiple formats of data can be stored. For example text, web page, photo, voice memo, notes and even slides.